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Here Are Your Steps To A Sportfishing Trip

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Clancy’s Guided Sportfishing offers you both guided and charter trips. We fish the Oregon and Washington coastal bays, rivers and tributaries for Salmon, Steelhead and Sturgeon. A number of our clients have been fishing with us  four and five generations. We are the originators of some and experts at all the productive methods and techniques that produce good catches of these fish. Our fishing team of five expert professional guides have all the state guide and charter licenses required. We have our US Coast Guard licenses and we are fully insured. We pay our state and federal taxes and are an honest reputable business. We have been guiding full time for over fifty years. We fish seven days a week all year and are running five boats full time. We try hard to take our clients to the best fishing available every day. We move with the runs of fish, changing our tackle and techniques as the fish change locations. We are experts and have the proper equipment to be productive under these ever changing conditions.

How It Works - Steps To Sports Fishing Trip



  • Request a Quote

    Visit our Contact page to get started! After we receive your information, we’ll get in touch.

  • Confirm Your Availability

    We work with all of our clients to find a convenient time and day for all fishing trips.

  • Prepare For Fun

    What do you need to bring for a Guided Sportfishing trip?

    • Fishing License
    • Food & Beverages
    • Appropriate Clothing (rain gear is always recommended)
    • Sunglasses
    • Ice Chest for Fishing Storage
  • Boarding

    Going fishing is simple and easy, with no money up front. Call me at 360-880-0409. Direct conversation helps you to understand all your opportunities and options, and to choose the best timing for your fishing trip. I answer the phone 24 hours a day to help you with you reservations. We have four full time guides, plus myself, ready to take you fishing. I will help you choose the time period and the species of fish you want to catch. The rest is simple.

    On your scheduled fishing date just bring your lunch, fishing license, proper clothing (including rain gear top and bottom), coffee or cold drinks and climb on the boat. Don’t forget an ice chest to transport your fish home in. We will choose a convenient time and place to meet on your fishing day. We furnish everything you need to catch your fish.

    Our tackle and equipment is the best money can buy, and we are experts at teaching and helping you to catch the species of fish of your choice. We have onsite lodging for your convenience. Fish are cleaned and bagged for you. Ask about fillet, vacuum sealed and freezing options. We can have your fish shipped to you if you wish.

  • Accommodations

    We have lodging at our headquarters, and a spotless, fully-furnished apartment with complete kitchen facilities. The deck with a barbecue overlooks the roping arena. It has four comfortable beds. Priced reasonably, Sharon even washes the blankets after each stay. Motels are also nearby. Good restaurants are close, and I will help you choose the facilities that suit your needs.

  • Gone Fishing

    Our goal is to keep you safe and comfortable, provide super friendly service, show you a memorable outdoor experience and help you catch limits (or near limits) of the fish of your choice.

    A typical day’s fishing with Clancy’s unfolds like this.  Starting time is your option, but normally our lines go into the water at daylight.  We fish until you all have limits or you are ready to head home. We are expert fishermen with good people skills, and we are excellent teachers.  We are there to catch fish and we do not give up easily.