Columbia River Summer Steelhead

Columbia River Summer Steelhead2017-06-21T08:07:38+00:00

I have fished and guided steelhead for fifty seven years and I can say without a doubt the Summer Steelhead fishing in the Columbia River in May June and July is the best in the world. Some places you might catch almost as many, but I doubt it. No place else can you find  Summer Steelhead in these numbers and of the size and quality as these steelhead in the Columbia River.

These fish are right out of the ocean, chrome bright and hard fighting. Steelhead fishing does not get any better than this. On any average day on one tide we catch in our boats limits for you to take home while carefully releasing all the wild ones. We bring to the net fifteen to twenty fish a day, sometimes more.   The Spring King, Summer King and Sockeye salmon seasons are open at this time to. We usually also catch some of them.  Where else can you catch Springers, Summer Kings, Sockeye Salmon and Summer Steelhead in the same day? This is a wonderful fishing opportunity.