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Salmon Steelhead & Sturgeon Year Round

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  • Winter Steelhead (Nov 20-May 15)

    Clancy’s Fishing Team starts their winter steelhead fishing November 15th on the Cowlitz and Lewis Rivers. The Cowlitz Early Winter fish will last through the middle of January. The Late Winter run goes into high gear the last of February. These are the BIG ONES. Quality hard-fighting fish, they fight like they are on steroids. Lots of three salt fish. This fishing stays very good through the first week of May. The Cowlitz River Steelhead are all hatchery fish and you can take them all home if you wish.

  • Sturgeon (year round)

    The Sturgeon fishing in the Columbia River is world class. It is the best in the world. There are Sturgeon living in the entire length of the Columbia River. They come in all sizes from little shaker size fish to huge fish over twenty feet long. The keeper size slots vary, with a low slot size in the low forty inches to a top slot size of about fifty four inches. We catch twenty, thirty or more fish each day. They vary in size from little shakers to nice keepers to huge trophy size.

    Sturgeons are strong hard fighting fish, almost every nice size fish you hook will jump multiple times. Double and triple hookups are common. Fighting two or three sturgeon at the same is very exciting and challenging. If you are fishing where you can keep them we will fillet and bag them for you. They are delicious on the dinner plate. You will go home with plenty of ready to eat sturgeon and a pleasant ache in your arms. We fish for sturgeon from the mouth all the way upstream to McNary Dam. You can catch and release sturgeon year round.

  • Spring King Salmon (Feb 15-May 15)

    The Spring King salmon (Springers) fishing is a magical time in the northwest.  These are the finest quality, best eating king salmon in the world.  Yes higher quality and better tasting  than even the Alaskan Copper River Kings.  Again we are experts at helping you catch these fine tasting , hard fighting fish. March, April, May and the first two weeks of June are our Springer months.  We start our season in the lower Columbia in the Cathlamet area.  Trolling  Herring on the incoming and high tide.  Anchored with Quick fish and a sardine wrap on the outgoing tide. As the season progresses we stay with the main body of migrating fish.  We follow them up the Columbia River past Bonneville and the other dams clear up to the McNary.  Using light refined tackle and techniques we have developed while guiding for over fifty years we catch our clients limits when most others are strugeling.  As we follow the Springers up the Columbia River we fish some areas where Keeper Sturgeon fishing is allowed. Some places we catch and keep a mixed bag of Springers and Sturgeon.  We battle some giant, trophy size Sturgeon during these times.  Everyone knows if there are any fish around Clancys will be catching more than their share.

  • Summer Steelhead (May 1-Aug 15)

    I have fished and guided steelhead for fifty seven years and I can say without a doubt the Summer Steelhead fishing in the Columbia River in May June and July is the best in the world. Some places you might catch almost as many, but I doubt it. No place else can you find  Summer Steelhead in these numbers and of the size and quality as these steelhead in the Columbia River.

    The Spring King, Summer King and Sockeye salmon seasons are open at this time to. We usually also catch some of them.  Where else can you catch Springers, Summer Kings, Sockeye Salmon and Summer Steelhead in the same day? This is a wonderful fishing opportunity.

  • Fall King Salmon & Coho Salmon (Aug 1-Sept 15)

    Clancy’s Fishing Team is here to guide you to the finest King and Coho salmon fishing in the Northwest. On the average there are over a million salmon, King & Coho combined, swim under the Astoria Bridge during the month of August as they start their annual migration up the Columbia River and into the tributaries.

    We are experts at being in the right place at the right time and knowing the correct bait to use in each situation. This knowledge combined with our light refined tackle and our outstanding fishing skills let you enjoy this outstanding fishery to its fullest. Starting the last week of July we will be guiding our clients at the Mouth of the Columbia River in the estuary. These fish enter the river and move in and out of the estuary getting acclimated to the change from living in salt to fresh water. Estuary fishing in tide water for salmon is a very precise, ever changing technique. It is constantly changing as the tide moves in and out every six hours. There is no substitute for experience and Clancy’s Guided Sportfishing has been guiding clients for sixty one years. We know and understand salmon habits and physical changes as they adjust to these conditions.

  • Fall King Salmon (Sept 1-Nov 30)

    By the first of September the Columbia River from the estuary to Bonneville Dam is full of fall king salmon and the fishing success is great. Fishing for these fish we primarily troll, using herring, anchovies or a variety of lures and spinners. This is very productive fishing for quality fresh run fall kings. Limits or near limits for all happen daily.

    At the same time all the tributaries below the dam fill up with nice Kings. When the kings move into these smaller rivers we use lighter tackle and change our fishing approach. This is real hands on fishing holding the rod, feeling the bite and setting the hook.

  • Fall King Trophy & Coho Salmon (Sept 15-Nov 30)

    By the first of September the Coho and King salmon fishing is going strong. We catch plenty of a mixed bag of Kings and Silvers into late October. This is when we catch the largest kings of the year in the Cowlitz River.