Our Reputation And Success Speaks For Itself


The fastest most efficient way to learn the hidden secrets of our waters and the fish that inhabit them is to be taught by someone with countless hours on the waters you are interested in. One who has learned through experience the life cycle and feeding habits of the species of fish you want to fish for and successfully catch. To be a fishing guide you must be a good teacher. We have the acquired knowledge and experience to be that teacher. You will learn more in one trip fishing with us than you would learn in years on your own. We at Clancy’s are a team of the finest fishing guides ever assembled. Our reputation and success speaks for itself. We will take you to and teach you to successfully catch the species of fish you want to catch.

How It Works

We take our clients to the best fishing available every day. We move with the runs of fish, changing our tackle and techniques as the fish change locations. We are experts and have the proper equipment to be productive under these ever changing conditions.

Areas We Fish

From the beaches of the Oregon Coast and the storied bay fisheries, the bristling whitewater of half a dozen N.W. rivers or the awe-inspired majesty of the Columbia River, know that your safety and fun are secure with one of the world’s most experienced and celebrated guide services.

Fish Species

We successfully guide for Salmon, Steelhead and Sturgeon year round. We guide the Oregon and Washington coast on the bays, rivers and their tributaries. Our in depth knowledge of these many different waters and their secrets lead our clients to the great success.


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