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Chile Salmon Fishing

6 Day Stay

5 Days of Fishing
$6000 Per Person

Fish the Beautiful Waters of Chile

The cost of a trip is comparative to a trip to Alaska. A six day stay in the lodge with five days of fishing is $6,000.00 per person. Transportation to and from the airport is furnished. Lodging and all meals are included. The fishing package includes guides, Chile fishing licenses, tackle, lunch, beverages and transportation to and from the fishing grounds. This is primarily a catch and release fishery, but you could legally keep a fish if you had a need. The only other cost to you might be some bar incidentals and your plane fare.

I will make your fishing and lodging reservations for you and help you with your flight plan.

The King salmon fishing trip in the Patagonia of Chile is all first class. The Lodge is a beautiful sprawling place with very nice bungalows and chalets you stay in. Yan Kee Way Restaurant Latitude 42 is five- star serving a variety of seafood, meats of all kinds, chicken and Chilean dishes. The service is outstanding. You will be treated like a king throughout your stay at the lodge and during your fishing. In my fifty nine years of full time guiding fishing clients, this fishing trip we offer you in Chile has one thing that sets it apart and above anyplace else in the world .

The average size of these fish. In 2015 we caught more fish over forty pounds than fish in the twenty pound range. Every day we caught some in the fifty pound class. Each week we caught some over sixty pounds. We weighed in two over seventy and released another that I am sure was over seventy. Who knows how big they really get. If you want to catch big kings, Yankee Way Guided Salmon fishing is the best place I know of in the world to go. I make your fishing and lodging reservations and help you with your flight plan.

The Petohue River winds it way down from the Andes into a giant fjords that flanks the Pacific Ocean. Similar to the Snake River it is a winding muscular river fed by over 80 inches of rainfall annually. Long know for rainbow and browns in 6-10 lbs range, the salmon fishery was the red hair step child until Michaela Darling of Yan Kee Way Lodge and Southern Chile Expeditions realized its potential and turned it into reality for traveling anglers.

“Do you think anyone is going to believe us when we tell them how big and how many fish are down here,” said Gary Loomis. “This is an amazing fishery and we have landed more Chinook salmon in the 40, 50 pound class, than below 40 pounds. This is a new Alaska before the 50’s.”

With Clancy Holt guiding for Yan Kee Way Lodge and its Southern Chile Expeditions, Gary Loomis, Vern Dollar and I on our first day, caught 16 Chinook salmon in five hours of trolling. Only two fish weighed less than 40 pounds. Loomis caught the biggest, it tipped the scale at 61 lbs, six were over 50 lbs and seven were between 40 and 50 lbs. It was the first day of five incredible days of fishing. Gary Loomis, Vern Dollar and Harry Morse guided by Clancy Holt landed and released unharmed 104 trophy kings in 6 days fishing. The largest weighed 73 lbs. This is a fishing trip you do not want to miss.


Chile is an unexplored, undeveloped salmon fishing paradise. I have been guiding my clients to great fishing locations for 58 years. Right now, Chile has better salmon and trout fishing than I have ever been able to guide my clients to in a lifetime of fishing and guiding. These salmon are from two strains of Columbia River Chinook, transplanted to Chile in the early 1900’s. These fish survived, and are now thriving in these waters. They are big, healthy, hard-fighting fish.

Gary Loomis, Michael Darland (owner of this magnificent, Yan kee Way Lodge) and myself fished there in March 2013 for 5 days. We caught too many Kings to count. All of them…big healthy fish. We caught no Jacks. Very few in the 20 pound class. All the rest were 30, 40, 50 to 60 pounds, and it remains to be seen how big they really get. You look down the river and the fish are rolling and splashing everywhere. We spent very little time just fishing. Most of the time we were fighting King Salmon. There is no commercial fishing on these fish. Then you turn the page to an unbelievable trout fishery. Rainbows and Browns. They were in every piece of water we fished; nice big fish. The ones we brought to the boat ranged from about 3 to 7 pounds. Who knows how big they really get? Fishing conventional or fly tackle? No problem! You will get hooked!

This is an undeveloped King Salmon fishery. A place you can fish for big healthy kings with no crowds, and the Patagonia of Chile is beautiful. It offers many experiences to accompany your salmon and trout fishing. Bring your fishing partner or take your wife—whether it’s the casino in Puerto Varas, sightseeing, wineries, or rafting, these are just some of the activities. Accommodations at Yan Kee Way are individual bungalows and chalets on Lake Llanquihue. Relax in the restaurant “Latitude 42 degrees” rated #1 in Chile outside of Santiago and in the top four countrywide and enjoy a view of snow-capped Mt. Osorno volcano.

Getting to Yan Kee Way Lodge in Chile is as easy as getting to most of the Salmon camps in Alaska. In fact, if you don’t live in the Pacific Northwest as I do, it will take you less time than flying to most fishing camps in Alaska. We will be fishing salmon in January, February and March in 2015, with January offering a mixed trout and salmon fishery. Pick any week in this period while they last! Ten fishermen per week + wives ($6,000 per person covers either fishing or a wide array of other experiences, such as horseback riding trips, rafting, boating etc. for your non-fishing spouse). Airport transfers, food and lodging are all included for a 5-day fishing, 6-night unforgettable getaway.

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