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Clancy Holt, Owner and Operator

Clancy Holt got his start as a guide when he was 16 years old. Taking people fishing has been a way of life for the Holt family as they’ve logged over 5 decades of guided fishing experience, more than 10,000 trips and untold limits of salmon, steelhead and sturgeon. There is no better, or more experienced guide service in the area.

Clancy has been a remarkable innovator in the world of N.W. fishing. He’s been credited as the guide that perfected the use of Kwikfish with sardine-wraps and also as the originator of the free-drifting method of fishing for salmon and steelhead. Clancy and Ron Holt’s keen understanding of where the fish are and how to catch them continues to establish them as the leading fishermen in the region. Their intimate knowledge of the waters they guide is legendary.

Capt. Ron Holt

Capt. Ron Holt

Capt. Ron Holt is Clancy’s son. Following in the footsteps of Clancy, the top guide on the west Coast for a lifetime was sometimes very difficult. Ron not only stayed in the game but now stands along side Clancy the legend in fish catching ability. There is no better guide in the Northwest. He was born into a fishing family. He started fishing as soon as he was strong enough to hold a rod & reel. He hooked and landed his first salmon fishing with his granddad (Chester Holt) when he was three on the Sacramento River. Foremost of Ron’s God given talents is his ability to catch more fish than anyone around him. Combined with great athletic ability and the keen eyes that seem never to miss anything make him a fish catching machine. Ron grew up in the boat fishing and helping Clancy guide. There is no substitute for hands on experience and a driving will, to be the best fisherman alive. Every day his goal is to catch more fish for his clients than anyone around and most days he does. His thousands of hours honing his fishing skills have made him the foremost guide in the Northwest.


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