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“I met Clancy Holt about 15 years ago. Then, I was a guide experiencing a new river. We hadn’t scratched a fish but this other guide just upriver was putting on a clinic. He had a boat load of first time anglers who seemed to have a fish on every time we turned around. I couldn’t help but ask who the guide was and I was quickly told, “that’s Clancy”. Even then Clancy was a legend. If you fish in the N.W. you know who he is. Now as the host of the nationally televised show, America’s Outdoor Journal, an outdoor writer with several hundred articles published over more than 20 years, and the marketing director for sportfishing-related companies like Alumaweld Boats, Smoker Craft Boats, Stevens Marine, Outdoor Media Group and many many others, I can say without reservation that Clancy Holt is the best fisherman I know. I hung up my guide rods years ago but as a passionate and avid angler who fishes all over the world there is no other person I would more highly recommend then Clancy. If you’re new to the sport he’ll show you how and you’ll catch fish. If your a seasoned veteran you’ll marvel at how easy Clancy makes it look and the depth of knowledge he wields every day he’s on the water. I’ve had the pleasure of fishing with Clancy on at least 15 occasions and here’s the score. On 14 of those 15 trips I’ve hooked fish on the first cast. On 7 or 8 of my outings with Clancy I’ve hooked fish on the first two casts…it just doesn’t get any better than that! The stories and memories I’ve enjoyed with Clancy would fill a book…a teenager’s first steelhead, several TV shows and newscasts that we’ve filmed together, and a few trips where everyone else on the river was having a tough time and we were catching fish with ease. Clancy’s genuine, skilled, competent, passionate and wonderful to fish with. He has my highest regard as a fisherman and is the finest guide I know. I’ve had the rare pleasure of fishing with dozens of great guides…Clancy quite simply is the best.” ~ Trey Carskadon

“In my 30 years in the fishing industry, I’ve run into some great guides, some characters and some just plain “down to earth” folks that I enjoy spending time with, but rarely do you find one person or company that fits all three. We do a lot of fishing here at G.Loomis. Whether it’s taking out clients for entertainment, testing our latest dream rods or just an excuse to get on the water, we have always found Clancy and his crew to be honest, hard working and consistent in their approach, techniques and success. Clancy is a reliable, professional angler that see to it your day is always a good one, no matter what the conditions or the outcome. Fish don’t always do what you want them to, but rarely have I ever seen an angler that could put fish in the boat more consistantly than Clancy. He’s the professional’s professional and someone I’d recommend to anyone interested in not only catching some fish, but learning about the sport as well. They run a first class operation that has earned our business for many years to come.” ~ Bruce Holt

“Thank you to you and your team for the outstanding fishing trips you’ve provided to our Boy Scouts over the last several years. I’ve fished with you for 20 years and I have always found you to be courteous, professional, and absolutely dedicated to ensuring I had a great time fishing. When it came time for me to find a guide to take our Scouts on the water, I knew it needed to be a professional I could trust with a boatload of teenage boys. I knew it had to be a guide who was First Aid and CPR certified and who took safety very seriously. And finally, it had to be a guide who catches fish! Your name topped the list. I was excited to have our Scouts fish with you because over the years I’ve noticed three things about your approach to fishing:

  1. Your gear is always in top shape: rods, reels, tackle, boat, and bait.
  2. You keep your commitments: you’re never late and you fish hard.
  3. You do your homework: you catch fish because you know where the fish were yesterday and where they will be today.

That’s why I’m so grateful you donate your time and energy to take the Scouts fishing. The boys always catch fish and have a great time. You treat them with respect and serve as a great role model. They look forward to your Fishing Outing all year! Thank you again, Clancy, for giving up your time to enrich the lives of these young men.” ~ Joseph Madrano

“My association with Clancy Holt spans more than a decade, over which time I’ve found him to have all the qualities of an industry leader. Clancy is a reflection of a bygone era where integrity means something to him. He’s an “old school” professional who delivers what he promises, his hand shake is his word, there’s no-nonsense in how he approaches his work…he’s committed to positive results with everyone he works with. My association with Clancy has largely been a business-to-business relationship where my companies have worked as his boat and boat-service supplier. He’s one of the most supportive people my company works with, and he continues to give 110%, which we deeply appreciate. Clancy is one of those special professionals. He’s a genuine leader, innovator, and driving force in our regional industry. We consider ourselves lucky to have his support and know that anyone who fishes with him are sure to enjoy a distinctive and special fishing experience.” ~ Page Stevens

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